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Vauxhall Future Models

All-New All-Electric Vauxhall Frontera

The Frontera may evoke a sense of familiarity for some, but this new model stands apart in every aspect. Vauxhall is reintroducing the Frontera nameplate in 2024, with a reimagined, fully electric SUV.

This fresh iteration offers abundant space for drivers, passengers, and cargo. It caters perfectly to families and active individuals with its versatile design. The all-new Frontera promises a driving experience that blends fun with functionality.

The addition of the Frontera to Vauxhall's lineup marks a significant move for the brand. By the end of 2024, Vauxhall will offer an electric variant for all its cars and vans.

The all-new Vauxhall Frontera will be attractively priced. It’s all part of Vauxhall’s mission to make electric mobility affordable for all.

So, are you ready to experience the futuristic Frontera? Stay tuned for further updates as more details unfold.

Vauxhall Experimental

Introducing the Vauxhall Experimental, a visionary concept car that's set to revolutionise driving.

This sleek, all-electric crossover commands attention with its captivating design. At the front, an illuminated Griffin badge sits within the iconic Vauxhall Compass. The next-generation 4D Vizor integrates advanced technologies. These include sensors, lidars, radars, and cameras for enhanced assistance.

The rear features a distinctive ‘Compass’ signature brake light and bold Vauxhall lettering.

Numerous aerodynamic elements enhance both aesthetics and performance. These include a rear diffuser and replacing wing mirrors with advanced camera technology.

Inside, a stylish, spacious, and minimalistic cabin awaits. Even the steering wheel folds away to maintain the clean interior lines. Cutting-edge augmented projection technology and AI-driven voice control present the future of driving. Plus, an adaptable Pure Pad tablet allows you to control vehicle functions with ease.

Smart and revolutionary, the Experimental concept offers a glimpse into the future of Vauxhall.

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