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Rush in car purchases expected for 63-plate cars
Bristol Street Motors

63-plate vehicles unveiled in the UK

63-plate vehicles unveiled in the UK

The new 63 registration plate has been released in the UK today (September 2nd), with car dealerships up and down the country preparing for the rollout. 

It has been predicted that some 360,000 car sales could happen across the country during September alone, pushing total sales up to 2.2 million. 

Furthermore, early expectations suggest that brand new car purchases could happen at the fastest rate since 2007, making the 63-plate the best-seller for six years. 

According to the SMMT, the 13-plate managed to outsell any of the previous nine registration plates, with 1,115,459 registrations since it was introduced in March this year. 

However, the brand new 63-plate could eclipse this demand by the end of its lifespan. Up to £6 million is expected to be spent on new cars within the next month. 

Mike Baunton, SMMT Interim Chief Executive, said that July marked the 17th consecutive month for growth in car registrations. 

 “Now we have evidence of consistent growth, we have raised our forecast for 2013 new car registrations to 2.216 million units, an increase of over 8 per cent on last year.  In line with this positive trend, we expect the new 63 plate to be very successful and for September registrations to provide a similar peak to that seen in March,” he added. 

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg