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Nissan has showcased new technology that could allow the already-impressive Nissan Leaf to power a household on its own for up to two days.
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Could a Nissan Leaf power your home?

Could a Nissan Leaf power your home?

The Nissan Leaf is widely regarded as a market leader in the increasingly-competitive electric vehicle market.

However, the impressive model has had its profile stretched even further by an innovative demonstration of its capabilities.

Not content with reducing emissions on the road, Nissan has now revealed that the car can be used to power a home.

In a demonstration held on the eve of the Tokyo Motor Show, the firm showcased how new technology known as Home Smart Charging, can reduce the impact of electric cars on the national grid, while cutting household bills, Auto car reported.

By connecting the Leaf to a home through a Power Control System box, the car can be used to feed alternating current into the property.

Nissan's estimates show that the Leaf's 24kwh battery would generate enough power to provide energy to the average home for two days.

It comes after the Leaf was named the first electric vehicle to win the coveted Car of the Year Award.

Judged by 58 motoring journalists, the model achieved a top score of 257 points.

Posted by Louise Clark