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The Blue Oval is looking to reach a wider audience with an orchestrated social media campaign.
Bristol Street Motors

Ford goes social over B-Max release

Ford goes social over B-Max release

Ford and Bristol Street Motors have taken to social media in order to spread the word about the new B-Max.

The model has been creating an industry buzz for quite some time and in order to see this buzz transfer to UK motorists Facebook, Twitter and YouTube campaigns have been launched.

Ford Europe and FordUKTV have posted a number of entertaining and informative videos in order to make sure drivers are aware of the B-Max's key features.

The Blue Oval's Facebook page also carries all the latest updates on everything B-max-related including the reaction from the crowds at the recent Geneva Motor Show.

Meanwhile, the UK channel explains some of the technology used on the new Ford B-Max as well as some of Blue Oval's other top models.

Ford fans are also being urged to follow in the footsteps of many motorists and show their appreciation for the model by "liking" the new B-Max on Facebook.

It comes shortly after Ford described the B-Max as the "perfect" car for the roads of today.

The Active City Stop feature, which is now available across the range, was designed with inner-city drivers in mind and is expected to make the car safer to drive than many of its rivals.

As the first compact Ford to feature the technology, the B-Max will offer reduced collision risk when travelling near stationary or other slow-moving vehicles.

Active City Stop applies the vehicles brakes when the special system detects that a collision is about to occur at speeds of up to 10mph.

While Ford is hoping that social media will see the B-Max, which was given its UK premiere earlier this month, given the buzz it deserves, the manufacturer is confident that the car's attributes will naturally shine through.

In addition to the innovative features it boasts, the B-Max also offers best-in-class fuel economy.

Ford recently claimed that the with new 1.0-litre EcoBoost 120PS petrol engine, the B-Max will be "15 per cent more economical" than its key competitors.

Barb Samardzich, vice-president of product development at Ford of Europe, commented: "Our goal with B-Max was to redefine the segment through technology and ingenuity – and that includes delivering the very best fuel economy."

The B-Max was one of the most hotly-anticipated Fords prior to its official unveiling in Geneva and the crowds at the event were wowed by a host of stylish features including sliding rear doors.

Ford claims that the B-Max is one of Europe's "most technologically advanced small cars" with its voice-activated, in-car connectivity system and an Emergency Assistance program it is easy to see why.

The Emergency Assistance program, which was designed to assist drivers when calling for help in the event of a crash, is just one of the features that sets the car apart from its rivals.

Class-leading petrol and diesel engines help the model gain a competitive edge with regard to both fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

Stephen Odell, chairman and chief executive officer at Ford of Europe, explained: "The Ford B-Max really challenges traditional small car thinking, and pioneers a concept not attempted by any other manufacturers.

"Its ingenious design opens the doors - quite literally - to exciting new ideas about what's possible with a compact vehicle.

"The latest Ford technologies mean the B-Max is more fun to drive, offers enhanced safety and � does things which other vehicles simply cannot do."

Are you intrigued by the all new, innovative Ford B-Max? Why not check out Ford's Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channels to see what all the fuss is about?