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Hyundai motor launches motor integrated six-speed transmission for latest hybrid models

Hyundai motor launches motor integrated six-speed transmission for latest hybrid models

Hyundai has announced a new six-speed automatic transmission for hybrid electric vehicles at the company's annual International Powertrain Conference in South Korea.

Fuel economy has been improved by new technologies that deliver tangible benefits to the driver and the new unit will be available in the latest models of Hyundai's hybrid, such as the new Sonata.

This new technology has significant benefits and far fewer components. The transmission is lighter than previous versions but still delivers 280 Nm of torque.

Its oil pump achieves improved fuel efficiency because a new electric pump has replaced the mechanical parts. It automatically optimises the system for all driving conditions.

This advanced gear means that almost all of the hybrid powertrain components are kept within the transmission, minimising energy losses and increasing fuel economy. The lighter torsion damper and new engine clutch reduce drag and contribute to a more efficient transfer and use of power.

The new Kappa 1.0-litre T-GDI featured at the Paris Motor Show this year is a high performance downsizing engine, which could potentially replace larger engines to ensure high fuel efficiency and low emissions. The latest model has been subject to an assortment of developments and technologies, including direct petrol injection and a small, single-scroll turbocharger.

Hyundai have spent time adapting a split-cooling concept to manage different temperatures in the cylinder head and block area for lower friction and a more efficient run. It helps suppress knock tendency to improve fuel economy. These efforts result in faster warm-up reducing real-world fuel consumption and emissions.

Tamsin Fewkes

by: Rebecca Chaplin