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New and used car drivers advised on foreign motoring

New and used car drivers advised on foreign motoring

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg

Drivers thinking of taking their car abroad with them this summer might need to brush up on their knowledge of foreign motoring.

According to findings by insurer AXA, 1.1 million Britons plan to drive abroad with their new or used car for a holiday this year, after being put off air travel as a result of the volcanic ash cloud chaos and strike action by British Airways' staff.

But the firm is urging drivers to ensure they are familiar with regulations set by their destination country to avoid falling foul of the law on the roads.

More than a third of motorists said they did not know if they have to display a GB sticker in their vehicle when abroad, while almost half were not sure if their insurance covered them for overseas driving.

"We would advise any Brits taking their car abroad to spend some time making sure they understand any local regulations and checking they have adequate insurance in place should the worst happen," commented Craig Staniland, AXA Insurance director for motoring.

Information has been available from the government on foreign driving, including a number of tips such as making sure drivers are aware which side of the road to travel on and whether they need an International Driving Permit.