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New car drivers urged to comply with speed limits

New car drivers urged to comply with speed limits

Posted by Craig Salter

Motorists are being urged to curb their speed in towns and villages.

Road safety charity Brake is reminding drivers that they cannot change the laws of time and space and travelling too fast in speed limited areas can have repercussions.

New car owners could help avoid collisions and damage to their vehicles by sticking to speed limits.

Findings by the charity showed more than 70 per cent of motorists have driven at above 30 miles per hour (mph) in areas limited to this figure.

A third of drivers said they had exceeded the speed limit daily or at least once a week.

Mary Williams OBE, Brake chief executive, said the findings showed many drivers believe they could stop safely in time when travelling just over 30mph, "but the physics of speed tells us they won't and the casualty figures tell us they don't".

As well as risking damage to their new car, drivers could face a £60 fine and three penalty points by failing to comply with speeding laws.