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The new van-based MPV will be arriving to your local Bristol Street Motors dealership this year.
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New Fully Electric Ford E-Tourneo Custom Coming in 2023

New Fully Electric Ford E-Tourneo Custom Coming in 2023

The new van-based MPV will be arriving to your local Bristol Street Motors dealership this year.

American manufacturer Ford are set to release the new Ford E-Tourneo Custom in 2023.

This new passenger van-based MPV is ideal for family adventures and daily commuting, with an eight-seat set-up providing more passenger space than an SUV.

The new E-Tourneo Custom is a passenger version of the recently introduced Transit Custom model, designed for cargo transportation. A people-carrier by nature, the new E-Tourneo Custom offers the same electric, PHEV and diesel powertrains for ultimate flexibility.

Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro, Europe, said:

“Whether it’s an active family trip at the weekend or shuttling execs to the airport in style, comfort and refinement, E-Tourneo Custom’s all-electric powertrain, advanced connectivity, cutting-edge design and new luxury features make it a compelling choice.”

“The Tourneo brand has always stood for space and versatility – now we’re extending the appeal to a new generation of discerning EV buyers seeking performance and comfort.”

100% Electric

The new MPV offers up to 236 miles of driving range with zero emissions and allows free access to highly restricted Low Emission Zones operated in many UK cities.

In terms of powertrain, the new E-Tourneo Custom has a 74kWh battery connected to a 215bhp electric motor driving the front wheels. The new MPV has a towing capacity of up to 2,000kg.

Using an 11kW charger, you can recharge the Ford E-Tourneo Custom fully within eight hours. If rapid DC charging is available, the battery can be charged from 15-80% in just 41 minutes.

Explore the new innovative one-pedal driving function available with the new Ford E-Tourneo Custom, making driving more efficient and comfortable.

Spacious Interior

All the seating within the vehicle is adjustable, with new, convenient floor rails, making it easier to move seats. The chairs can be folded, moved or removed individually, ensuring quick layout changes. They are also lighter than before, which enables you to remove them effortlessly.

Practical features also include a stylish panoramic glass roof and smart tilting steering wheel. The new hands-free power side doors simplify access to the vehicle if your hands are full, requiring you only to move your foot next to the front wheel to open the door.

A comfortable driving experience is ensured thanks to enhanced independent rear suspension and an improved chassis. The new E-Tourneo Custom provides better vehicle dynamics and refined ride comfort.

Dynamic Design

Ford offers two versions of the E-Tourneo Custom, a standard and a long-wheelbase, ensuring that every family will find a body style suitable for their needs.

With its bold stance, the expressive design makes a strong appearance on the road. The carefully sculpted lines highlight the modern appearance of the Ford E-Tourneo Custom.

This MPV’s design demonstrates the new innovative technologies and improved power within while maintaining a distinctive Ford look. The stylish LED lighting and unique grille add to the powerful presence.

Ford’s future electric plans

The manufacturer is committed to transitioning to selling only fully electric vehicles by 2030 and fully electric vans by 2035. Plans are moving forward thanks to a significant investment in Ford’s Halewood Plant in Merseyside.

The Halewood Plant is at the centre of Ford’s electrification plans. The technology produced within the plan will power 70% of all Ford’s EVs sold in Europe by 2026.

The plant will produce more vehicles early, increasing the production to 420,000 units per year. Some of the vehicles produced will include the new Ford E-Tourneo Custom, E-Transit Custom and other fully electric models.

Kieran Cahill, Ford’s European Industrial Operations vice president, commented:

“Ford is a global American brand, woven into the fabric of Europe for more than 100 years and a major employer here at Halewood for almost 60 years.”

“Our vision in Europe is to build a thriving business, by extending leadership in commercial vehicles and through the electrification of our car range. Halewood is playing a critical part as our first in-house investment in EV component manufacturing in Europe.”

Want to be the first to test drive the upcoming Ford E-Tourneo Custom? Contact your nearest Bristol Street Motors dealership to register your interest today.

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