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Renault has revealed Phase 2 of the second-generation Kangoo Van, following on from the huge success of the original vehicles in the range.
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Renault lifts the lid on reworked Kangoo vans

Renault lifts the lid on reworked Kangoo vans

French vehicle maker Renault is hoping to strengthen its grip as Europe's number one van manufacturer, by unveiling a new range of Kangoo vans.

The second-generation Kangoo Van has certainly had plenty of success since it launched into the vehicle market back in 2008, with more than 400,000 business customers already getting their hands on the keys to this sleek motor.

Such impressive sales figures have helped the Renault Kangoo top the European van market. In a bid to continue the success of this range then, the French manufacturer has decided that now is the right time to reveal Phase 2 of the range.

Covering the entire family of Kangoo vans – including the Kangoo Van, Kangoo Maxi, Kangoo Van Z.E. and Kangoo Maxi Z.E models – there is plenty to admire about the new vehicles.

For one, fans of the standard second-generation Renault Kangoo Van are likely to quickly notice that the new vehicles are designed with a fresh front end design. On top of this, a more prominent, vertically positioned logo only emphasises Renault's new design language.

New door mirror arrangements and headlight designs further enhance the exterior of the Phase 2 Kangoo Van, while a brand-new steering wheel and a superior quality centre console unit are waiting to be sampled when stepping into the vehicle's cabin.

It is not just what can be seen at first glance which allows the all-new Kangoo vans to stand out from the crowd, however, as another treat is hiding under the vehicle's bonnet.

Those who opt for any of the three Phase 2 Kangoo Van 1.5-litre dCi diesel engines will be able to experience between 75 and 110 of brake horsepower once they get the van out on the open road.

Meanwhile, both the vehicle's dCi 75 Stop&Start and dCi 90 Stop&Start engines are capable of delivering motorists excellent fuel economy in the form of 65.7mpg on a combined cycle.

The Phase 2 Renault Kangoo Van launches across the UK later in 2013.

Posted by Louise Clark