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SEAT reveals new 20V20 show car at Geneva

SEAT reveals new 20V20 show car at Geneva

With the unveiling of the 20V20 concept, SEAT has its eyes firmly set on the year 2020.

The Spanish carmaker revealed its strategic vision for the future at the Geneva Motor Show with its new concept SUV, which provides a glimpse at the brand's future design language.

The 20V20 (meaning Vision 2020) combines the dynamic body of a four-door sports coupé with the refinement of an SUV and the versatility of a mid-size estate car. Its comprehensive package of driver assistance systems also raises the levels of comfort and safety.

The array of drive options is multi-faceted, ranging from the high-performance TSI and TDI motors to plug-in hybrids. The power is delivered to the wheels via the DSG transmission and electronically controlled all-wheel drive.

To date, SEAT's global sales are up by 7.5 per cent. According to the brand, the success of the Leon family explains the recent surge in sales and during the next five years, SEAT aims to apply the 'Leon Formula' to the entire range.

SEAT President Jürgen Stackmann said: "The 20V20 shows our ambition. It is our guiding star and the lighthouse for our development for the coming five-year period. SEAT will be applying the winning Leon product formula to the entire range.

"We've taken all product decisions to consolidate the successful path started with LEON and we have finalised our product plan for the coming years. SEAT will shift focus from the small car to the compact car category. The centre of gravity shifts upwards entering big, fast growing and more profitable segments."

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert