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The new Fabia is the perfect choice for city driving.
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Super Spec Supermini - New Skoda Fabia

Super Spec Supermini - New Skoda Fabia

  • Impressive boot space of 380 litres
  • Improved technology and equipment
  • Driver assistance technologies: Manoeuvre Assist, Park Assist and more
  • Sporty, but comfortable driving experience


Superminis are great cars for city driving and short journeys. However, they have always lacked the same tools as the larger vehicles.

The new Skoda Fabia has been upgraded, and even though it's still categorised as a supermini, it is bigger and better in every way. The slightly larger size, improved technology and equipment delivers a great drive.

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New platform, new Fabia

The new Fabia has been built upon the VW MQB-A0 platform, making it larger in size. The upgraded model is 111mm longer and 48mm wider.

The new model also provides an impressive boot space, up to 380 litres. The carrying capacity is more than enough to fit in all the essentials for a weekend getaway.


Skoda Fabia


Technology highlights

  • Driver assistance technologies: Manoeuvre Assist, Travel Assist and Park Assist
  • Apple and Android smartphone compatibility
  • Five USB-C ports for charging
  • Ambient lighting
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


Improved performance

The new model provides a sporty, yet comfortable driving experience. The new platform improves the handling of the vehicle, making it perfect for urban environments.

Skoda offers five engine options for Fabia. The largest one, 1.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine provides 148hp, while the most efficient, 1.0-litre engine, provides 94hp.

To improve efficiency, Skoda has introduced a new active cylinder management technology. It turns off two cylinders when under light load, when extra power is not needed. It improves the fuel consumption, reducing the need to visit the pumps as often.


Skoda Fabia


Additional features

The latest Skoda model offers practicality that you didn't know you needed. Find an umbrella within the door if it rains and place your phone in the wireless charging box.

Control media, entertainment and more with the 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Navigation and important drivers' information is easily displayed to help you navigate back home.


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