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Volvo is planning Polestar versions of its V40 and XC60 models, according to Autocar.
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V40 and XC60 to get Polestar makeover

V40 and XC60 to get Polestar makeover

Volvo is planning Polestar versions of more of its models and the V40 and XC60 are battling it out to be the first, according to Autocar.

Following on from the success of the all-wheel drive, turbocharged petrol S60 saloon and V60 estate, whichever model Volvo chooses to touch with its Polestar magic first will get a high-powered four-cylinder Drive-E engine (which will also be in the S60/V60 Polestar from 2016).

Volvo global powertrain boss Derek Crabb told Autocar: "If you ask each of the individual markets which [Polestar] they want, some will say V40, some will say XC60, some will say S60. I don't think we can do that commercially, so we are trying to rationalise that.

"A customer buying a 329bhp six-cylinder car today isn't going to go down [in power] when he buys a four-cylinder, so there is going to be a high-performance Polestar [four-cylinder] engine."

Derek told Autocar that Volvo expects in the region of 750 S60 and V60 models to be sold this year  a figure he hopes will increase to more than 1250 over the next couple of years.

by: Danielle Bagnall