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Nissan engineers have built a self-cleaning rear-view camera for their all-new Note
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All-new Nissan Note cleans itself

All-new Nissan Note cleans itself

Well, its rear-view camera can, at least. Yes, a self-cleaning car would be great, but the Nissan engineers aren’t quite there yet. However, they have engineered a self-cleaning rear-view camera for their all-new Note supermini model.

The rear-view camera on the new Note – positioned just above the rear numberplate – is open to the elements and can quickly get dirty; obscuring the view relayed to the driver.

The system works out for itself if the lens is dirty and can then clean it if need be. Very nifty. The car uses either a blast of air to remove dust, or a combination of a water squirt if the lens is muddy, followed by a blast of air to dry the lens after.

The fully automated system uses mathematical algorithms processing more than 3 million pixels from the camera every second to work out if the camera image is clean or not. The system also looks at the windscreen wiper operations to help it consider the weather conditions outside. There are no other cars in this new car market segment that do this neat trick.

The self-cleaning camera is part of the new Note’s Nissan Safety Shield system that features a wide range of new driver aids and safety equipment, that’ll soon be available on the soon-to-be-launched new Note.

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