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Bigger road sign plans to benefit elderly new car drivers?

Bigger road sign plans to benefit elderly new car drivers?

Posted by Louise Clark

Older motorists who struggle to see clearly could benefit from proposals to make road signs clearer.

Elderly drivers who worry their new cars will be damaged because they cannot see as well as their younger counterparts could find larger letters on road signs easier to read, enhancing their safety and that of other road users.

The suggestion has been made by the RAC Foundation but dismissed by the Association of British Drivers (ABD).

By law, drivers must meet a set standard of eyesight to be safe on the roads, hence the number plate test taken by new motorists.

"If their eyesight is so bad that they cannot read road signs then they would not be able to pass the test, and should accept their limitations and stop driving," commented ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries.

But the RAC Foundation has suggested more could be done to improve the road infrastructure for elderly motorists.