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Citroen has designed its DS3 Cabrio with the intent of making top-down driving a much easier and more enjoyable experience.
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Citroen DS3 Cabrio launches across the UK

Citroen DS3 Cabrio launches across the UK

Citroen has expanded its family of stylish DS cars with the release of the DS3 Cabrio - an exciting new vehicle packing an intelligent and eye-catching design.

According to the French car giant, the newest addition to the award-winning DS3 range has been developed with an aim "to make top-down driving considerably easier and even more enjoyable".

Such a task appears to have been achieved by Citroen opting to decorate its DS3 Cabrio with an array of bold styling features, while also presenting the car with a range of sophisticated refinement options and providing drivers with an extensive list of personalisation choices.

The point for the DS3 Cabrio to take a bold styling approach to its design is highlighted as soon as motorists clasp their eyes upon the exterior of this new car.

For one, a 'floating' two-tone roof and 'shark fin' B-pillar front-end gives the outside of the vehicle plenty of character, while the distinctive LED light signature that the DS3 family has became famous for still features prominently.

Where the personalisation options come into effect are when drivers have to choose between seven slick bodywork colours, before pondering which of the three colour-coordinated roof designs will personally match up best with the main exterior paintjob.

Style is not dismissed in the cabin of the Citroen DS3 Cabrio either, with the French car maker decorating the vehicle's interior with extensive chrome detailing and finishing off the design with bold dark-tinted rear windows.

As this is being heavily billed as a more enjoyable top-down vehicle, drivers will also be pleased to hear that the car's roof can fully open or close in a mere 16 seconds.

What's more, the roof can be opened to three proportions - intermediate, horizontal and total – so that even a blustery day does not need to put a dampener on a road trip inside this unique DS3.

The Citroen DS3 Cabrio releases across the UK on March 1st.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg