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Female new car drivers urged to find best insurance deal

Female new car drivers urged to find best insurance deal

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg

Female motorists are being advised to shop around for the best deal on car insurance cover.

New car drivers of the fairer sex may be concerned by recent figures showing increases in car insurance costs for females aged between 17 and 22, but independent comparison site Tiger.co.uk is reminding women there are still good deals to be had.

"Shopping around is essential for saving money," commented the website's managing director Graeme Kalbraier.

He suggested that the female car insurance market has always been competitive, but gave a couple of pointers for new car drivers to follow to get the best deal.

These include considering who is named on their policy, as adding friends and siblings could bump up costs but including mum or dad could drop the price.

It is also worth calculating the vehicle's average mileage and opting for personal possessions cover as part of the policy, the website urged.

Head of insurance at Moneyextra.com Peter Gerrard recently advised drivers that the best car insurance deals can be found online.