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The Nissan TeRRA concept car mixes the concept of an electric vehicle and the capabilities of SUVs with ease.
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First details of the Nissan TeRRA SUV concept

First details of the Nissan TeRRA SUV concept

A new concept car from Japanese vehicle maker Nissan is to expertly mix SUV styles with the characteristics of electric vehicles.

Deemed the Nissan TeRRA SUV, the vehicle will be receiving its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show on September 27th.

However, the Japanese car giant has opted to leak a few details about the concept car to whet the appetites of car lovers.

For one, the TeRRA SUV hides a hydrogen fuel cell under its bonnet which provides power to three electric motors throughout the vehicle.

One of these electric motors is an electric propulsion system, originally found in the Nissan Leaf, while two other motors connect to each of the car's back wheels. This whole design enables the vehicle to fulfil its 4x4 commitments.

Another unique feature of the TeRRA SUV concept is how the interior of the car is designed so that the driver sits almost in the centre of the car.

Explaining this style choice, Shiro Nakamura, the senior vice president and chief creative officer at Nissan, noted: "For the driver to be nearly centred, not seated off to one side, provides a fresh, enlightened perspective with exceptional visibility. The diagonal layout allows all passengers to share the vision of adventures up ahead."

Posted by Louise Clark