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4x4 Magazine has presented the Ford Ranger with its Pick-Up of the Year prize  the seventh award the vehicle has been presented with in 12 months.
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Ford Ranger named 4x4 Magazine's Pick-Up of the Year

Ford Ranger named 4x4 Magazine's Pick-Up of the Year

The praise just keeps on coming for the Ford Ranger, as the vehicle has now been presented with 4x4 Magazine's Pick-Up of the Year accolade.

Ford faced tough competition in order to win the award though, with the UK pick-up market growing by more than 25 per cent since 2009 and eight models currently on offer in the segment.

However, out of the seven vehicles analysed by 4x4 Magazine for this year's Pick-Up of the Year prize – the most comprehensive test the publication has ever carried out for this award – the Ford Ranger emerged head and shoulders above the competition.

Nigel Fryatt, editor at 4x4 Magazine, acknowledged that this particular vehicle from the American car giant "has significantly raised the bar in the pick-up market".

He went on: "Our extensive test showed the variety of products that are now on the UK market, and the Ranger topped them all with better overall ability, superb ride quality and an interior that makes it hard to believe this is a commercial vehicle."

By winning 4x4 Magazine's Pick-Up of the Year award, the Ford Ranger has now collected seven prizes from critics in the motoring industry over the past 12 months.

One of the aspects of the Ranger that has helped it garner so much attention in the motoring industry is the fact that it can handle being on any type of terrain with relative ease.

The pick-up's phenomenal power and performance capabilities also have to be applauded. For instance, drivers who opt for a 2.2-litre four-cylinder engine will be presented with a motor that can achieve up to 375 Nm of torque and return an impressive 35.3mpg on a combined cycle.

A smooth-shifting six-speed manual transmission system is also designed and engineered with the aim of saving fuel and cutting emissions, making the Ford Ranger a very efficient machine.

Commenting on receiving the 4x4 Magazine Pick-Up of the Year accolade, Ford UK's managing director, Mark Ovenden, noted: "The awards keep on coming for the Ford Ranger as it continues to assert its presence in the market.

"Our customers have really welcomed the introduction of the all-new model, boosting sales by nearly 20 per cent compared with last year."

Posted by Craig Salter