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Ford plans to reduce the prices of its small and medium-sized cars from August.
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Ford reveals slashed Fiesta and Focus prices

Ford reveals slashed Fiesta and Focus prices

Ford has revealed it will be slashing the prices of a number of models from August.

The vehicle maker has promised to reduce the cost of models such as the Studio version of its Ford Fiesta and the Zetec Ford Focus vehicle.

Average price list reductions are being cut by more than 11 per cent from August 2nd, meaning greater value for money for consumers.

The move to slash the cost of medium and small models follows earlier action by the manufacturer to reduce the price of its large vehicles.

Nigel Sharp, managing director Ford of Britain, said the tradition method of recommending list prices matched to high discounts was too confusing for consumers.

"Together with our dealer partners we are determined to change that formula and make the whole purchase process more transparent and the value of Ford cars more obvious," he added.

The price cuts could help Ford increase sales, despite the firm already announcing it retained the market lead in May.