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New and used car drivers 'should check policy before driving a friend's car'

New and used car drivers 'should check policy before driving a friend's car'

Posted by Louise Clark

Drivers planning to borrow a friend's car this bank holiday are being advised to check their cover policy.

New and used car drivers may be under the impression their insurance covers them to drive any vehicle, with more than a quarter of motorists aged under 25 telling comparison site Confused.com they believe this to be true.

However, most policies only cover people over this age to drive other cars, the portal warns.

Additionally, 52 per cent of these motorists said they thought the driving other cars extension would cover them for damage to the vehicle as well as anyone they should hit.

Will Thomas, head of motor insurance at the site, warned: "Those who mistakenly borrow a car from a friend believing they have cover are effectively driving completely uninsured."

The firm adds that the extension is being removed from many policies now.

Comparison site Fool.co.uk also urges motorists not to think they can automatically drive other people's cars and to be aware that even with the extension, the driver will only have basic cover when using someone else's vehicle.