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New Fiat cars among greenest, index finds

New Fiat cars among greenest, index finds

Posted by Craig Salter

Vehicle manufacturer Fiat has been highlighted as one of the greenest car makers by a new emissions index.

Clean Green Cars has launched a statistically valid index of overall CO2 and other emissions from vehicle makers and new Fiat models have been shown to be at the top in terms of carbon output.

The firm previously revealed that Fiat models now generate an average of 124.61 grams of CO2 per kilometre, which is less than they are required to meet under European regulations.

Hyundai was also highlighted as a manufacturer with impressive performance in the green stakes.

Editor of Clean Green Cars Richard Bremner commented that the firm's index takes into account all the major emissions, not just CO2.

"CO2 is hugely important, but it is not the whole story. A car that is good for CO2 can be bad for other pollutants and vice versa," he said.

Publisher of Clean Green Cars Jay Nagley described the index as transparent and robust, providing information on facts rather than assumptions.