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Peugeot has published a guide for families going on their summer holidays after a poll by the company found that more than half of parents lose their temper at their kids during long journeys.
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Peugeot publishes tips for families hitting the road

Peugeot publishes tips for families hitting the road

Peugeot has published a guide for parents preparing to hit the road in family cars like the brand's 3008 or 5008 models.

Responding to a poll by the carmaker, more than half of British mums and dads confessed that they lose their temper with their kids during long journeys and as many as 71 per cent admitted that they give their children sweets if they say they will be quiet.

The survey also discovered that parents notice the first indications that their little ones are getting bored just 29 minutes into the journey and hear the famous phrase "are we nearly there yet?" only two minutes later.

In order to help mums and dads enjoy the ride in their Peugeot 3008 without stressful arguments with the kids, Peugeot teamed up with psychologist Tanya Byron to give parents some tips.

"Rather than leaving them to their own devices and allowing that frustration to build towards shouting and arguing, be one step ahead and prepare activities and games that will keep them occupied and their minds engaged," the professor advised.

Some ideas to help mums and dads follow her advice have been published on the Peugeot website.

Those who need a lot of room in their cars to transport the whole family off on a summer holiday may consider purchasing the Peugeot 5008, which can be configured to include seven seats.

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