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'Protect new cars from ash cloud deposits'

'Protect new cars from ash cloud deposits'

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg

Motorists who like to keep their vehicles looking spotless could find the volcanic ash cloud from the Icelandic eruption plays havoc with their vehicle's appearance.

Car care firm Autogylm is warning motorists that ash from the eruption could stick to their vehicle's paintwork, which might mean new car owners need to get out the buckets and sponges.

According to the firm, the ash is composed of tiny jagged shards of rock and glass, which could be abrasive to vehicle paintwork.

The ash is also more acidic than normal dust, increasing the risk of corrosion to new cars.

Before washing the car, Autoglym urges drivers to soak their vehicles in water to loosen surface deposits and use a pH-neutral car shampoo to clean the vehicle.

Paul Caller, the firm's chief executive officer, commented: "We invest significant sums in researching the impact of road grime and extreme weather conditions on cars, but the fallout from volcanic ash creates an unprecedented challenge for our lab team."

The ash cloud has also caused chaos for travellers recently but flights into and out of the UK have now been resumed.