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Electrify your drive with Nissan

Nissan is helping to make the switch to electric driving more accessible. Whether you’re ready to go pure electric or prefer a hybrid. There's a Nissan car in the range for you.

Discover more about the powertrains on offer – hybrid, e-POWER, or 100% electric. Find out which one is best suited to your lifestyle and explore the full Nissan electrified line-up.

Pick your powertrain

  • Electric
    Enjoy a smoother, quieter drive and lower running costs with an all-electric Nissan. An electric Nissan brings you the freedom to go further, with the latest smart technology. Charge it up at home, work, or on the go for a quick boost whenever needed.
  • e-POWER
    Meet Nissan’s latest innovative technology, e-POWER. With a combination of petrol and electric battery power, enjoy maximum efficiency with every journey. Regenerative braking helps store lost energy to recharge the battery. You can also enjoy lower running costs compared to a normal petrol engine.
  • Hybrid
    With a petrol engine and an electric motor, Nissan hybrids provide ultimate flexibility. Switch between pure electric and hybrid driving to optimise efficiency at every turn. Plus, with a self-charging battery, there’s no need to plug in.
  • Mild Hybrid
    Nissan’s mild hybrids use a petrol engine and lithium-ion battery for fuel efficiency. Stop-start technology enables a smoother drive in built-up traffic while lowering fuel costs. The engine automatically stops when coasting or travelling under 11mph.

Nissan's electric and hybrid cars

Go electric with Nissan

This is the new era of Nissan. Want to be a part of it? Visit your local Macklin Motors dealership and start your electric Nissan journey. Speak to our expert team to help find the right Nissan for you and experience it for yourself with a test drive.

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Test drives subject to availability. Participating dealers only, subject to availability. Visit www.nissan.co.uk/electrifyyourdrive for further details.