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  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport
    New Road Technology That Can Detect When You Are Using Your Phone Behind The Wheel

    posted on - 13/07/2018 09:09

    A collaboration between a local council and a leading technology company has culminated in the development of road signs that will aid in the campaign to crack down on the use of mobile phones behind the wheel! (read full story)

  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport
    The Rise Fall and Rise of Electric Cars (Part 1)

    posted on - 01/09/2016 11:16

    Electric cars are a contradiction: at the same time, they represent a futuristic vision of emissions free driving, yet electrically powered cars have been around for over one hundred and fifty years, and ruled all land speed records until the turn of the twentieth century. So, in light of the rebirth of the electric vehicle, lets take a walk down memory lane. Electric cars: this is your life!

    (read full story)

  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport
    The Future is Here! Driverless Cars

    posted on - 01/06/2016 11:59

    If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past decade, you will no doubt have caught wind of all the hubbub surrounding driverless cars. Interest in self-driving automobiles has peaked, with seemingly every major manufacturer seeking to muscle in, and the imagination of the public has been captured. What's all the fuss about? (read full story)

  • Car Safety through the Years
    Car Safety through the Years

    posted on - 25/05/2016 09:58

    Despite the common insistence of grandparents the world over that they dont make em like they used to, the statistics point to cars being safer than ever before. The road to automotive perfection hasnt been without potholes, though. Lets hop into the Bristol Street DeLorean, floor it to 88mph and visit some of the pioneering moments in the history of motoring safety. (read full story)

  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport
    Land Rover Looks Towards the Future

    posted on - 18/02/2016 11:39

    Land Rover is one of the UKs most loved vehicle manufacturers, and a giant of British engineering. Since 1948 the company has released iconic vehicle after iconic vehicle, from the Safari ready Series I through to the modern luxury of the Range Rover and Discovery Sport models. (read full story)

  • The Worlds Most Brilliant Police Cars (And A Couple Of Rubbish Ones)
    The Worlds Most Brilliant Police Cars (And A Couple Of Rubbish Ones)

    posted on - 28/01/2016 14:24

    The world is evolving rapidly. A hundred years ago, a high speed chase was a red faced, baton waving policeman jogging down a country lane after an apple thief. With new technology in constant development and an ever increasing population, law enforcement has had to adapt to combat the changing nature of crime around the world. And one of those ways is by buying lots of really, really cool cars. (read full story)

  • The Worlds Most Bizarre Concept Cars
    The Worlds Most Bizarre Concept Cars

    posted on - 20/01/2016 17:12

    With stiff competition every year to produce thrilling new concept cars, designers occasionally succumb to the pressure, go a bit loopy, and end up proudly presenting their gleaming new design to a chorus of laughter. We've compiled a list of the most baffling concept cars that, thankfully, never made it to production. Prepare yourself, it's going to get weird. (read full story)

  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport
    The Fastest Cars of All Time

    posted on - 06/01/2016 10:00

    The fastest vehicles people have engineered operate in outer space. Up there, theres no energy to waste on traction, and no gravity to worry about. But down on the ground, there is, and things get trickier. Yet as far back as the 1920s, we were mastering it  mastering the art of horsepower, torque and getting a tonnes worth of metal to move at over 100mph.
    (read full story)

  • Top Apps for Drivers
    Top Apps for Drivers

    posted on - 10/11/2015 11:48

    These days, your phone is way more than just a phone. It can help you to avoid traffic, get you to your destination on time and find you the cheapest fuel prices. It can even find you a parking space. We've done the hard work for you and come up with a list of the top apps for drivers in 2015 (read full story)

  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport
    What is a Dash Cam?

    posted on - 07/09/2015 08:45

    In recent years, a new type of technology has started to become increasingly popular with motorists not just in the UK, but around the world; the dash cam. But is a dash cam worth the money? (read full story)

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