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During January and February the firm sold 1,345 Berlingos, earning a 24.1 per cent share of the "very competitive" sector.
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Citroen's Berlingo is winning the high cube van sales race

Citroen's Berlingo is winning the high cube van sales race

Citroen is leading the high cube van sales race, according to new figures.

The latest stats show that the Berlingo has "convincingly beaten" its rivals after carving out a 24.1 per cent market share in January and February.

Some 1,345 Citroen Berlingos were sold during the two-month period helping the French carmaker take the number one spot for the year so far.

Scott Michael, the firm's commercial vehicle operations manager, welcomed the news, saying the tough economic times have seen customers focus on quality and value for money - something which has been beneficial for Citroen.

"When the economy is facing a tough time and money is tight, its quality and low running costs that tempt buyers to invest in new vans," he claimed.

"The Berlingo provides all the quality, low whole life costs and versatility the market demands, as its sector leadership shows in the opening months of 2012."

According to the data, sales of the Berlingo across Europe's five leading markets in January and February 2012 were 9.6 per cent ahead of the nearest rival and 11 per cent ahead of the third place model.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg