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New Citroen C1 set to take on city car rivals

New Citroen C1 set to take on city car rivals

This new version of the much-loved Citroen C1 is a huge improvement on its previous incarnation with a smoother ride and a slick touchscreen media system.

Available with two three-cylinder petrol engines  a 1.0-litre offering 69bhp and a punchier 1.2-litre that produces 82bhp  it will undoubtedly be giving competitors such as the Toyota Aygo and VW Up a run for their money, as urban folk seek out a stylish and affordable runaround.

Suspension and chassis settings have been revised, bringing relief from the jarring ride of old, while the enhanced infotainment unit is an absolute joy, with a simply superb sound system.

Specwise, lots of equipment is standard, with the environmentally-friendly gear-change indicator and Hill Assist  which niftily holds the car automatically on inclines of more than three per cent  coming on all models.

It's worth shelling out a bit for the seven-inch touchscreen, which has the ingenious 'Mirror Screen' that lets motorists access various smartphone apps while on the move  and the screen looks terrific too!

There is a seemingly never-ending list of improvements over the previous C1, including totally revised suspension as well as a lighter rear axle and new electric steering for easier manoeuvring around town.

The interiors are still eminently acceptable, and the range of options to personalise the inside means that each C1 that rolls off the production line can be practically individual to each driver.

All in all then, the new C1  available in three-door or five-door and as a manual or with the ETG auto gearbox  is undoubtedly better all round than the former model.

by: Danielle Bagnall