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Inflatable child car seat created by Volvo.
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Volvo develops 'revolutionary' car child seat

Volvo develops 'revolutionary' car child seat

Volvo has once again pushed the boundaries of design by creating a new child seat concept for vehicles.

Although they are often bulky, difficult to move and complicated to fit, the child seat is vital to keep your young ones comfortable and safe when out on the road.

Volvo has attempted to solve the problem by creating an inflatable car seat using the finest in modern technology. 

The rear-facing car seat inflates in just 40 seconds and has a total weight of just five kilograms. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, it can be inflated remotely and once deflated can be stored into a weekend bag. 

According to Volvo, the safest way for children to travel is facing the rear of the car, as a frontal impact collision will put more strain on a baby's underdeveloped neck after being thrown forward. 

In addition to improving safety, the design is intended to make it easier for parents who have to travel with young children on a regular basis. 

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