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Older models can lack modern safety features, RoadSafe states.
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Young drivers 'need safe cars'

Young drivers 'need safe cars'

Young drivers should buy the newest car they can afford in order to stay safe on the road, it has been commented.

According to RoadSafe, while old vehicles cost less to insure, they do not boast the safety features of more modern alternatives and can therefore be more dangerous for inexperienced motorists.


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New cars also include technologies such as electronic stability control, which can help prevent a driver losing control of the vehicle in an emergency.

The charity observed that while these features can help all car owners, it is specifically targeting new drivers due to their inexperience on the road.

RoadSafe director Adrian Walsh said: "It is a bad idea to put [young drivers] in a cheap old banger. Older vehicles tend to cost less to insure, but this benefit is diminished in the event of a crash, as they lack the safety systems found in newer models."

Mr Walsh emphasised, however, that not all older models are dangerous, since many include good safety systems and have been Euro NCAP rated.

The organisation recently launched a new campaign called RoadSafe for Parents, with a view to helping parents foster responsible driving by their children.