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Bristol Street Motors

Calming measures give new drivers the hump, but what about councils?

Posted by Craig Salter

While many councils have taken action to tackle potholes across the country, a motoring expert is calling on authorities to consider the effects of speed humps.

New car drivers may worry that travelling over the bumps could have adverse effects on their vehicle, but Honest John has revealed the traffic calming measures could also be affecting the roads.

Those wary of the problems caused by speed humps may travel over them slowly to avoid damaging the underside of their vehicles or their suspension systems, but the motoring guru is warning that the roads could be affected by the shockwaves emitted when vehicles travel over the humps.

"The potholes and broken surfaces surrounding speed humps testify to the damage they can cause," he commented, adding that building regulators have recognised the damage the humps can cause and stipulate they are not placed within 25 metres of bridges, subways or tunnels.

Honest John added that councils should consider the potential effects of the humps on their budgets.

According to the Association of British Drivers, speed bumps, perhaps surprisingly, are one of the issues being tackled by the Noise Abatement Society.