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Drivers buying new cars under swappage scheme 'should be savvy'

Drivers buying new cars under swappage scheme 'should be savvy'

Posted by Craig Salter

Motorists are being urged to make the most of swappage deals being offered by vehicle dealerships for eight to ten-year-old cars.

Those drivers who failed to make use of the government's scrappage scheme may find the swappage initiatives from vehicle dealers attractive when thinking of buying a new car.

But AA Financial Services is issuing motorists with a word of caution about sales tactics that could see some buyers pay over the odds for a vehicle.

"People trading in a ten-year-old car might well be stepping into a new car showroom for the first time and can easily get swept into unwise finance deals or other options they don't need," warned the firm's director Mark Huggins.

To ensure they get the best swappage deal, the company advises drivers to compare offers and make sure they take note of the APRs quoted, as well as haggling on the price or getting extras thrown in for free.

Many dealerships have introduced swappage to replace the government's scrappage scheme, which ended earlier this year and accounted for 388,540 new car registrations by the end of April