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Many motorists are reducing their outgoings in a bid to save money.
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New car drivers delaying purchase to save money?

New car drivers delaying purchase to save money?

Posted by Louise Clark

Many drivers are finding ways of reducing their motoring spend in an attempt to save money, a study has shown.

Findings by AA Financial Services have highlighted that 29 per cent of drivers are using their vehicles less, while more than half are putting off investing in a new car during the difficult economic climate.

By driving less, motorists could find they are eligible for lower car insurance costs.

Meanwhile, a fifth of respondents said they are delaying having their vehicles serviced, with the figure rising to a greater percentage among young motorists.

Director of AA Financial Services Mark Huggins suggested that there are a number of ways in which motorists can make their motoring spend go further.

"Motorists can help themselves by shopping around for the cheapest pump prices," he said, adding that drivers could also opt for a credit card that rewards them when making motoring purchases.