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Ford Durham

High Street Carrville Durham DH1 1AU

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Our Services

Ford Durham Services

Please see below a list of services all available now at Ford Durham. Also available are unbeatable MOT and Servicing facilities carried out by our trained technicians using the latest vehicle diagnostic technology which will ensure that you receive the best possible service.

  • PartsExtensive range of car and van parts
  • Service PlanTailored service plan to suit your needs
  • New Car SalesOffers the sale of new cars.
  • Used Car SalesOffers the sale of used cars.
  • Van SalesOffers the sale of vans
  • MotabilityOffers deals on motability
  • AftersalesProvides aftersales care
  • MOTHas facilities to conduct MOT testing
  • ServiceHas full workshop facilities
  • FinanceProvides finance on your vehicle


Customer Testimonials

I think we can certainly say the Sales Manager goes above and beyond the call of duty. Has done a great job trying to help resolve our issues.

K Burton, Ford Durham

Just ever collected my first brand new car. Thank you!

G Gate, Ford Durham

I wish to bring to your attention the excellent service i received at the branch. The young lady who took the details thoroughly explained everything and nothing was too much trouble, she gave 110% in every way. I have dealt with this garage for over 10 years and have always been treat with courtesy.

G Gourley, Ford Durham

Had my car in for a service at Bristol street motors Durham yesterday. I was looked after by a fantastic lady. I.
From start to finish she was polite, attentive, informative, even apologetic when she thought the car wash was taking to long..

It's refreshing to see someone who takes obvious pride in what she does, I've been going to the garage for 2 years now and she was top drawer. Best service by a mile..
She's a credit to the garage, Ford and importantly herself . Ive worked in customer service and sales for 25 years and if I could I'd grab her to work for me in a shot .

Pass these comments on to who's in charge

Nicols, Ford Durham

Dear Mr Forrester
I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the marvellous customer service we have received from your Gloucester Bristol Street Motors staff. I have no doubt that you expect to hear that this would be the case - but I have circumvented your usual customer service 'dedicated positive feedback' system because the help I received from your staff was far beyond usual/normal and that is why I wanted to write directly to you. If I might explain.
On the 8th August my daughter, and her fiancée were involved in a serious car crash on the M5 which closed the motorway for hours. Their Mini was hit from behind at 80mph, lifted into the air and spun around and hit the central reservation. The accident was witnessed by a policeman who was dealing with a car on the hard shoulder. He had to dash into the on coming traffic to stop the following cars ploughing into the side of my daughters vehicle which had come to a halt sideways-on in the fast lane. My daughter had to be cut out of the vehicle and the Mini was a write-off. I have attached a photo of the poor Mini so you can see the extent of the crash. It is a miracle that she only has soft tissue damage, back pain, a huge haematoma on her spine, shock and beautifully colourful bruises. She will make a full recovery. Obviously, I am very grateful to the policeman involved and the super build of the Mini that protected her so well. However, her confidence has been severely damaged by the experience and this is very unfortunate as she has to travel to work daily on the motorway between Gloucester and Bristol - a trip she has done for 12 years. In order to help her recover her confidence and to keep her even safer after such a terrifying experience I decided she needed a 'tank' for driving in. The family rallied around to help finance a bigger vehicle for her - we are not well off but we only have one child so it had to be done. I did plenty of research into safety features, size and costs but the over riding factor had to be SAFETY. One further complication that the accident caused was the policeman stated that a least 5 cars swerved and drove around the crash scene and he was furious that these people didn't stop and offer help or call the emergency services. Being charitable, I could think they all spotted the officer nearby and therefore left it to him to help but the idea that help would not have been forthcoming with idiots like them around, just would not stop worrying me. It was at this point I learnt of the new cars with an emergency services call feature and such a system became a necessity after my daughter's experience.
I determined that she needed either a Mini Countryman, Nissan Qashqai, Honda CRV, Vauxhall Mokka or a Ford Kuga. She was still too battered to view or test drive these vehicles but time was against us because she was due to return to her job (she is a teacher) on 1st September. However, within a week she was on her feet and determined to get a bigger car and return to work - she has a mortgage to pay! Further research caused us to dismiss the Mini, Nissan and Honda as the current models do not have the SOS services and we could not wait for next years models.
It was at this stage, 18th August, we visited your Bristol Street Motors Gloucester Dealership and had the great good fortune to meet your Sales Executive, our daughter had been to a doctors appointment and as she was out of the house, we call in briefly to look at the Kuga. She could only manage to stand for a short while and was in a great deal of pain. I explained our situation to your salesman and he was absolutely terrific. He totally understood my concerns and requirements, the restrictions of her injuries so that we couldn't test drive etc at that point but equally he understood just how serious I was that SAFETY requirements outweighed anything else. I was honest and told him that the choice was between the Ford Kuga and the Vauxhall Mokka but that the speedy availability of the vehicle was also important. We did have the use of a one year old Mini Clubman for her to return to school in September if we had to but I preferred for her to resume her motorway driving in the 'tank'. I could not argue that the Mini had saved her life once and in no way will I ever disrespect the wonderful Mini but I would be happier with her in something substantially bigger - and the Mini Clubman didn't seem big enough. If we had to wait for a factory built model with all the exact safety features we required we would do that but the 12 week wait (Ford or Vauxhall) was a worry. The salesman listened to all my worries and requirements for my daughters safety - he was patience personified. He was charming and really interested in helping to restore Kate's confidence for driving on the motorway. He explained about various safety features - all of which I deemed vital - and he showed us the different specifications on the vehicles. He listened to my financial constraints and came up with a brilliant level of safety features that we could have built at the factory or possibly would be available on the Kuga Zetec with a few add-ons if there was one available anywhere. He had a quick look for availability and was worried they were few in number but was hopeful one would be available and suitable. We left him to research these possibilities for us and I was very impressed that a young man had such empathy and concern for our situation.
In the next two days I continued my research into the Kuga and we viewed the Mokka. My preference was the Kuga as I believed the SOS system on the Mokka was good but I didn't like all the other things it could do - I wanted it dedicated to safety not be clogged up answering queries about where the nearest restaurant was located, questions like that should be for phone apps not an emergency service. I tried to speak to the Sales Executive but unfortunately it was his day off. His colleague tried to help but he almost convinced me that there were no Kuga Zetec's available - he said only Kuga Titanium specifications had what I needed and were available and these were £30000. I was heartbroken as that was pushing me back to the available Mokka. Fortunately, the next day I spoke to your Sales Exectutive and he said he had found several Kuga Titanium and one Zetec specification. We went straight down to see him about these vehicles. He was absolutely brilliant. He took our daughter for a short test drive - making absolutely sure she was fit to drive and confident and happy to do so on quiet local roads. He went through all our options, we even considered trying to stretch to the Titanium but the one available Zetec specification had extras and was still available and was perfect for her needs - so the salesman organised this vehicle for immediate delivery from the other Bristol Street Dealership, he also helped sort out the finance, I paid the deposit and he arranged for us to collect the vehicle on the Thursday 27th August.
I wanted to let you know just how wonderful EVERYONE at Bristol Street Motors Gloucester had been to us. I spoke to several of your lovely Reception ladies, they were all great. While waiting for our daughter to return from her test drive, we spoke to another member of staff. She was so kind to me - I think I was probably still in a bit of shock myself at this point with all that had happened - and she listened and reassured me and I am very grateful to her as well. During our several visits and telephone queries all of your sales staff were very helpful and kind. However, I can not state too highly how impressed we were with the wonderful Sales Executive. I did manage to speak to your New Sales Manager, and he was marvellous too. I told him all about our daughter's accident and how we needed a 'safety tank' (we could factory order it) but that the Sales Executive had actually managed to find THE VEHICLE and how happy we were, he was very kind and charming and he understood I am an over-protective mum and that I was genuinely impressed with all his lovely Gloucester staff.
My point is I am delighted with the Kuga we purchased. I am delighted that the Sales Executive managed to find a Kuga that was immediately available. BUT can I also stress that I was so impressed with his help and attention to detail. He made sure that had there been no Kuga available, we would have been able to order one that had exactly the safety features we needed. He checked and double checked which 'packs' or individual items could be added. He checked if they could be fitted after leaving the factory. He costed every different combination for me - as I was trying to stretch my budget. I didn't want to be paying for fancy alloys that to us were unnecessary when I wanted safety features and more safety features. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He was so patient and thorough. I notice that your company motto is "to deliver an outstanding customer motoring experience through honesty and trust" and I can only THANK YOU and assure you that your Gloucester Dealership certainly are a credit to your ethos and the Sales Executive certainly lives up to your high standards and aims.
Our daughter has gone back to work. She is still unable to drive her lovely new KUGA to Bristol so I have got her a hotel for the first week of term as she is still in pain. Next week she will probably go by train. This weekend she will drive her new Kuga locally - it is the longer journey on the motorway she is avoiding for a while! She is happy driving the Kuga, ensured that when she picked the car up - he took her out for a drive and she drove it with great confidence. Gradually, she will get her confidence back, her injuries will heal and she will be safe and happy in her 'tank' - her terrific Ford Kuga - and we have the reassurance of the super customer service of the Gloucester Bristol Street Motors to look forward to for many years to come.
I am sorry this is a long email but it is a complicated story and the many concerns I had were all 'sorted' for me by your terrific staff. Thank you again to the Sales Manager and his great team - especially his Sales Executive. We are very grateful for all the kindness we were shown.
Thank you and all best wishes
Yours sincerely
P Patrick and Daughter

P Sheila, Ford Durham

About Us

Looking for a Ford dealer?

Looking for a Ford? With years of experience supplying to happy customers in Durham, Darlington, Barnard Castle, Peterlee, Hartlepool and further, our Ford Durham dealership can help you out. We stock a range of new Ford cars and vans, including popular models such as the Ecosport, Focus and Mondeo. We also have a regularly up to date listing of used Fords, and are an officially recognised Ford Direct used car dealer. We have a range of cars to suit all budgets, and offer a flexible payment plan which serves to make buying a Ford more affordable than you might have first expected.

Our dealership is in a prime location, not far from the A1(M) on High Street in Carrville, making us easy to find from Chester-Le-Street, Consett, Stanley, Houghton-Le-Spring, Easington Lane, Trimdon, Sherburn, Bishop Auckland, and further. As well as being a Ford dealership, we also offer MOT Testing, Servicing, Motability and Aftersales care. We can provide both Ford Motorcraft and Ford Blue servicing, and our highly trained technicians will guarantee that your Ford is in expert hands if it needs a little maintenance.

At Bristol Street Motors we want to help you however possible, whether this is through answering any questions you have, giving you practical advice or by servicing your car quickly and efficiently. All our staff are well trained and ready to help, so call ahead to book an appointment or visit our dealership to see what we can do for you.

Not the dealership you were looking for? Check out more of our used cars in Durham

Meet the Team

Meet the Ford Durham Team

  • Graeme Dickens
    Graeme Dickens
    General Manager
  • David Hutchinson
    David Hutchinson
    Franchise Manager
  • John Beardmore
    John Beardmore
    Service Manager
  • Terry Dredge
    Terry Dredge
    CMA Parts Manager
  • Thomas Jennings
    Thomas Jennings
    Business Manager (New & Used)
  • Lisa Horner
    Lisa Horner
    Sales Executive (Motability)

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