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Keep connected with FORDLiive.

A connected uptime system.

Here at Bristol Street Motors, we know that if your vehicle stops, so does your business.

That�s why we�re working with FORDLiive to keep your commercial vehicle and your business on the road, without it being an additional cost to you or your business.

We�re here to keep you moving, safely and efficiently.

What�s FORDLiive?

FORDLiive enables smarter maintenance decisions, faster turnaround and dedicated, data-driven technical support.

FORDLiive is an integrated suite of products and services designed to maximise the productive uptime of your connected Ford commercial vehicle.

Once registered with FORDLiive through FordPass Pro or Ford Telematics, we�ll have access to the same smart support information that you will about your commercial vehicle.

What�s the benefit of registering with FORDLiive?

Once you�ve registered with FORDLiive, we�ll be able to identify the required work, plus any upcoming work that might be best bundled together, before your vehicle even comes in to us. Prior to your visit, we can agree with you the best schedule to keep your business moving.

In addition, we can even best plan the parts and technical support needed for the appointment, to make sure the work can be completed without any unnecessary delays.

Working together with Ford and FORDLiive, we share an unwavering focus on maximising the uptime your commercial vehicle achieves.

Discover what else FORDLiive offers:

Charging options

Stay Ahead With Smart Support.

All Ford commercial vehicles fitted with a FordPass Connect modem can now benefit from a range of smart features that keep them running at peak performance � as a business customer you have all the advantages on your side.

When permissions have been provided, we�ll be able to access up to 60 days of your vehicle health status, allowing us to provide the best advice, anticipate upcoming maintenance needs and reduce turnaround times.

Ford Service Pro.

Ford Service Pro is Ford�s Commercial Vehicle Service Promise, committed to minimising downtime of your vehicle and expense to your business, at your convenience.

Here at Bristol Street Motors, you�ll benefit from a suite of specialist capabilities including extended opening hours, same day inspection, while-you-wait express servicing and easy to access online service booking.

Drive modes

FORDLiive Centres.

Ford�s FORDLiive Centres are key to keeping your commercial vehicle healthy. They harness the power of the wider Ford network and partnerships with Roadside Assistance Suppliers, to support both you and us here at Bristol Street Motors.

FORDLiive Centres allow us to connect with FORDLiive agents in real-time with expertise, resources and vehicle health data to identify where assistance can be provided to resolve technical issues or expedite parts.

Because of FORDLiive Centres, we�re better prepared to take care of you and your business - quickly and efficiently.

Ford Fleet Management.

Ford Fleet Management offers bespoke service level agreements tailored to maximise uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase overall fleet efficiency.

Using Ford Telematics, we can monitor vehicle health in real-time, proactively suggest maintenance and repairs, and schedule them when it best suits both driver and your business.

And if we find your vehicle need more extensive work, you�ll have a choice of appropriate replacements. Our priority is to keep your business up and running, without interruption.

AWD capability

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